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Video coverage and presentations

Videos from Channel A and all presentations are now in the conference archive:

- Videos of day 1 can be found here, day 2 is in progress to be uploaded also there.
- Presentations can be found there

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ICANN took the chance to send its key personality to our 2011 conference in Munich.

We were glad to have Chairman of the Board, Dr. Stephen Crocker and Senior Vice President and Head of the new gTLD program, Kurt Pritz with us on various Panels and speeches. ICANN's Press Manager, Brad White held an international press conference on the first conference day.

ICANN also used the presence of various representatives of the press to chat and give insights of the gTLD program. for more

Yes2dotAfrica on

The Yes2dotAfrica Campaign, led by Sophia Bekele, gave insights on the 2011 conference.

The Munich Conference on new TLDs took place at the prestigious Hotel Sofitel Munich and was organized by one of the global premium registrars, United Domains, who assembled the 'who is who of the new gTLDs' process. for more

Registry/Registrar Channels - Possibly the Biggest Change of all for this Industry

For newcomers to the industry, the Registrars are the lifeblood of the domain business. They sell the little buggers. Because of their name search tools, their website creation templates, their renewal follow up programs, their support staff – consumers and businesses have websites with the nicest looking domain name they could find. for more

Facebook & Apps vs. Domains:

This debate never got heated. One might speculate that it was largely because most in the audience and on the panel, support and believe in the existence of both. There is no need to make a direct either/or comparison. What sets Facebook and Apps apart from existing popular TLDs is the concept of a closed environment in which users can interact with the technology and each other in a dedicated space. for more

The Opening of the Generic Domain Name Space can Change the Internet

by Jannik Skou and Dr. Torsten Bettinger

500 or maybe 1000 new gTLDs will be launched in 2013 – any company or organization can apply for their own gTLD in January 2012.

Should brand owners apply for their own generic “dotBrand” top level domain in 2011 or should they wait and see? Jannik Skou1 and Torsten Bettinger2 from Singapore report. Next January, virtually anybody who can raise about US$500,000 can apply for a new generic top level domain name, such as .sport, .car, or .hotel in Latin (ASCII) or non Latin (IDN) scripts. for more on (German)

Martin Stepanek of futurezone took the chance to have ICANNs Chairman Dr. Steve Crocker interviewed on the new top-level domains during conference.

His article (written in German) can be found here. for more

CircleID on

Michael Twist of AusRegistry (who actually won a ticket for on's raffle) wrote an article on our conference on CircleID (and of course the Ausregistry blog). He comments on the urgency to catch up with the timeline and not to miss the boat.

The two day agenda ran very smoothly and kudos should be given to United Domains who were in charge as it was truly run with German efficiency.

Thanks, Michael - we were really pleased to be your host! for more

The Domains on

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by Oliver Schwab,

Michael Berkens ( / commented on Kurt Pritz´speech at for more

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