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Applicant Domain Security Company LLC
Website http://www.domainsecurity.co
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Domain Security Company will establish the .secure and .bank top-level domains. The company's goal is to make the Internet a safer and more secure place by employing a mix of technology and processes, some of which are industry standards for high security websites, and some of which have never been implemented before. Domain Security Company is a Wisconsin-based Limited Liability Corporation, and is currently seeking additional funding to prepare for the upcoming open application process, to be hosted by ICANN in 2011. Never before has such an exciting time existed in the domain space. For the first time, the domain name industry is about to experience a diversification in the availability of doman name endings.


With an increasing amount of attention being given to online security, Domain Security Company hopes to further this cause by securing data at the top-level domain layer. The company envisions a day when large online retailers and financial payment processors place all of their registrations and checkout process pages within the .secure namespace for additional security measures that it will provide. For example, customers might still navigate to their favorite online retailer, but when it comes time to checkout, customers would be moved over to the .secure namespace to perform the financial transaction, much in the same way that customers are now moved to https for the checkout process. Every .secure domain purchased will be bundled with a host of additional security measures, processes, and requirements; secure measures and requirements that are simply not available in any other public-facing top level domain.

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