Un Point Paris, ça change tout !

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Applicant Mairie de Paris et al.
Website http://www.soutenonspointparis.fr
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Currently the Internet has more than 184 million registered domain names including 80 million .com and 1.5 million .fr name extensions. At present, the city of Paris has 2.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area that includes almost 12 million residents. Greater Paris is known for its dynamic digital lifestyle.

To capitalize on this, the city of Paris will file its candidacy for the creation of the .paris top-level domain name. The application will be evaluated by ICANN and hopefully will be accepted soon. Today, the .paris campaign is mobilizing to ensure they can realize their goal.


Advantages of a .paris top-level domain name

  • Entering bastille.paris into a web browser results in a listing of shops and services located in the area.
  • Blog authors can obtain easy to remember web addresses. For example, those living in the Belleville district could purchase an address such as monbelleville.paris.
  • Individuals could acquire email addresses with the .paris extension thereby expressing their devotion to their city of residence.
  • People visiting the city can easily learn what the city has to offer by visiting sites such as museums.paris, eiffeltower.paris or any of the other numerous tourist attractions located in the city.
  • Residents are more likely to engage in local causes; if an Internet user in the city visits a website with a .paris extension, the potential for the person to patronize the cause is probably greater than if it was located in a different location.
Other advantages exist too that contribute to the value of a .paris top-level domain name. Search engine optimization whereby websites with a .paris extension will appear higher in search results when users perform Paris-related queries is one important example. Instant name recognition is another case where the .paris name creates value. In such instances, the existence of the name .paris immediately informs site visitors that the contents of the site relate to the city. Website creators will then be able to more closely connect their content to the city itself.

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