a new top-level domain

Extension .deloitte
Applicant Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
Website http://www.deloitte.com
Additional information


The accounting consulting firm Deloitte is campaigning for the introduction of a top-level domain name to represent the company's online presence. To realize this goal, the company would like to utilize the Deloitte name in the form of .deloitte. Deloitte sites several reasons why they believe a .deloitte top-level domain is necessary.

First, it would increase the visibility of the Deloitte brand name and put the name center stage in the minds of visitors to websites that contained the .deloitte name extension. Also, by having it's own name, the company would reduce its dependence on existing generic top-level domain names. For instance deloitte.cn might create confusion in the minds of some customers and potentially confuse customers if they visit related sites such as deloitte.de or deloitte.co.uk. Collecting all sites related to the company under one .deloitte site would solidify and potentially strengthen the company's brand name.

Second, acquiring a .deloitte top-level domain would reinforce the company's vision of "Always being one step ahead." The opportunity to illustrate the company's presence on the web could positively affect customer's feelings about the company by depicting the company as engaging in new and pioneering activities. A .deloitte TLD represents a unique chance for the firm to claim a new ground to represent its business.

Third, a .deloitte name extension would better connect the company's clients, alliance partners and member firms. One of the ways the company hopes to do this is to create logical naming structures from website addresses. For example, on possibility would be a site called cfo.strategy.deloitte; naming conventions such as this would allow potential visitors to a site to determine the content even before viewing the desired webpage. Such naming configurations would then presumably encourage site creators to focus and concentrate webpage content on a theme and thus more precisely connect people with whom the company participates in business activities.

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