a new top-level domain

Extension .bcn
Applicant Barcelona City Council
Website http://www.bcn.cat/en/ihome.htm
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As one of Spain's most populous cities and important cultural centers, Barcelona is also recognized as an important global city. Both locals and tourists alike enjoy Barcelona's contributions to the entertainment, arts and fashion fields as well as its place in history. With a population nearing 2 million inhabitants, Barcelona has been recognized as one of the "most livable" cities in the world, affirming its place as an important center for commerce, education and lifestyle.

Originally founded by the Romans, the city plays an important role in Spain's contemporary status too. The Catalan government and the Union of the Mediterranean strengthen Barcelona's importance in the political and commercial domains by both making their home in the Barcelona region. Tourism plays an important role in the city's economy as the city is ranked as the twelfth most-visited city in the world. All these factors combine to position Barcelona as a prime candidate for a new top-level domain.


The Barcelona City Council's mission in its campaign for a .bcn new top-level domain is to create a space to promote the various interests and concerns of the people and visitors of Barcelona.


Some of the economic benefits of a .bcn domain name could include:

  • Marketing and Tourism - the city can better market itself globally as a tourist destination and business center by setting aside and managing names like hotels.bcn and tourism.bcn.
  • Center of Trust - By transforming itself into a trusted center for digital transactions, Barcelona will likely experience economic growth as people learn that transactions concluded under a .bcn domain name have the resources of the city's municipal infrastructure assuring their fulfillment.
  • Small Businesses and Organizations - Local businesses and organizations will have access to short, descriptive, and memorable domain names facilitating their networking needs. Acquiring a good domain name has become a significant budget item.
  • Domain Name Revenue - Fees for domain name sales and processing will remain in the city.

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